Sunday, October 20, 2002

*Some people get all the looks * Some people don't. *Some get all the brains *Others don't *Some get the guys * Some don't *Then there is me... *Average! * Average looks, Average smarts, and guys look the other way. * I just hope that there is someone out there that wont mind the imperfect me!
Well, now that I've visited Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Nebraska @ Lincoln, and Creighton University... I have no idea where I want to go! Kansas sucked! I didnt like it there at all... Everything was so gothic and dirty! Oklahoma is so pretty... there is soooo much green grass and openess! BUT! Stillwater is a really small town.... I was thinking more along the lines of going to school in a city were there are things to do ALL THE TIME! Nebraska is really cool except the campus is bigger and there isnt much open space and Nebraska is really cold! BUT it has the big town atmosphere that I'm looking for. Creighton is 25 grand to go to a year and its really small and not in a very nice part of Omaha. Lizzie says i should go to Arizona State in Tempe because it has the big town and the openness.... not that green since its in the dessert! BUT my Dad said I can't even go look at it because I already looked at enough! Whatever! We wont talk about my Dad right now... he is on my Shit list.

Today The Interact Club collected groceries for the Keller Community Store house at Kroger! What a hit! I met a cute guy.... he is in my spanish class... (shh dont tell anyone!) Yesterday was Robbies Birthday! We had so much fun at his house playing on his kareoke (is that spelled right?) machine! His aunts are so much fun! His cousin GEO is a doll! We went and played lazer tag at 10, i lost BIG TIME! -22 and 12th place!!!! Out of 12 People! The next closest person was 52 points or something like that! How sad is that? Erin Dinger told me my "fake" glasses were ugly and i shouldnt wear them! Too bad they are real! and i have to wear them!! Thank you very much Erin! Well I should go.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

"So, Alayna, how are your midterms going?" you ask. "Well, my dear, they are just wanderful! Thank you for asking!" I reply. "Why are they so wanderful?" you ask. "That is a very good question!" " I don't have to take them!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" I then laugh in your face! To all you G-vine people, IN YOUR FACE! WE HAVE A WEEK OFF NEXT WEEK!!!!! HAHA, only kidding. You know what song has really good lyrics? Come What May by Ewon McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Very good. I'm going to see RSL in concert on friday!!! YIPEE! Anyone want to come? Mystic Pizza is a very good movie. It was Julia Roberts' first movie. Is about a town called mystic and a pizza place.... hence the name. Well I must go and work with the special olympics swim team now.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Alayna Is the Coolest girl in K-Town!!!!
Today.... Was okay. I am very tired. I have a lot of homework that I do not wish to do and I probably wont. Shame on me. I was just wandering if anyone has ever even read my blog. If you have, tell me! I love it when people call me, but no one ever does anymore. Remember in 8th grade how everyone talked on the phone for hours? I don’t even have time to talk on the phone for 10 minutes. Plus I don’t have anything to talk about for that long…. I already talked about everything that had to be said for a lifetime in 8th grade! Stephanie and I are going on a girly night out this Friday!! We are going to go out to eat at Chilies (I have two free meals to eat there!) Then I don’t know what we are going to do after. Maybe we’ll go to the game and watch some hot guys run around and hit each other! Her brother is kind of hot. We were supposed to go on a double blind date on Friday but seeing as though I am afraid of boys lately, I chickened out. I really am afraid of boys! In 8th grade 9 (those were the days man!!!) I think I “went out” with a different guy every week (sad, I know) But I became shy in my old high school days. I’m going to London over spring break!!! It’s going to be so much fun!!! Maybe I’ll me some hot guys while I’m there! I can pack him in my suitcase and smuggle him across the boarder! I think his name should be Clayton, Luke, or maybe Jacoby. It can’t be Caleb though, That’s going to be my first son’s name! Caleb Alan Something or other. And my little girls name is going to be Annslee Denise or Annslee Marie… depending on if I feel selfish that day or not =)! Oh! Have you heard? Keller has its very own STEP TEAM!!! Made up by… none other than… your very own…. Alayna, Emily, Whitney, Ali, Kiki, and Mikie. For those of you who don’t know what a step team is; it’s a group (normally black) of people who clap and stomp to a rhythm. I have no rhythm. BUT we are the FIRST! Well this is getting to be re-damn-diculously long. Chow!
One thing, I forgot. A Big meow goes out to the 2 new kittens living on our porch!

Sunday, September 22, 2002

In a slightly creative moment I wrote this:

When I look in the mirror:
All I see is you:
You hate Me and I hate You:

You break me down:
I'm trying hard:
to scrub you off:

But you wont leave:
You're part of me:
And I hateYou
TODAY!!! Our new sanctuary opened... its cool! Life as been Damn good lately. I'm so busy, I have to force myself to lay back and relax. Lets see here, out look for the week: extremely busy with a 25% chance of a mental brake down. Monday: TNT some community service club i got recomended for. And Work. And Spanish Work. Tuesday: Homework, Special Olympics volunteer, Wendesday: Work, Interact stuff, Raise a phone stuff. Thursday: Interact, homework. Friday: ahhh friday i love friday.... Sometime in there I need to Volunteer at RockyTop Ranch. I should go study now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Hi!!! It's like 10:20p.m. on Tuesday... I'm not sleepy...
People are like puppys... they get old afterawhile....<-- you like that??? I just made it up.... or maybe I didn't. You know how you can hear something sometime but not really hear it but your brain remembers it... and then it comes out and your like im a genious! but your really not because you didn't actually make it up.Is that how you spell genious? I dont think so... it looks funny. So what are you supposed to write in these things anyways?'
So... I'm not Racist (gotta make that clear!) In fact, I love black guys.. and girls for that matter. BUT, I was wandering... how come there's Black Chambers of Commerce and only black people can be in them; BUT if there was a White Chamber of Commerce and only white people could be it... they would say it was racist? Just wandering.